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A review of computer assisted detection/diagnosis (CAD) in breast thermography for breast cancer detection

10 May 2021
Abstract Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer diagnosed in women. For years human limitations in interpreting the thermograms possessed a considerable challenge, but with the introduction of computer assisted detection/diagnosis (CAD), this problem has been addressed.

The Physiology of Dynamic Thermometric Analysis of the Skin in Visceral Health & Disease

10 May 2021
Overview: Internal dysfunction is reflected in skin surface temperature due to its connection to the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, various health and disease data can be evaluated by mapping skin temperature.

Thermography based breast cancer analysis using statistical features and fuzzy classification

10 May 2021
Medical thermography has proved to be useful in various medical applications including the detection of breast cancer where it is able to identify the local temperature increase caused by the high metabolic activity of cancer cells.

Bioregulation Thermometry: Breaking the Barrier to Open Algorithmic Fields in Diagnosis and Assessment of Casual Factors in Chronic Disease

10 May 2021
Overview: Regulation Thermography allows for radiation-free breast cancer detection, and regular scans are recommended to monitor breast health.