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A True Healthcare Solution

divya thermo probed leftAt Alfa, our goal is to revolutionize it.

In order to create true health, one needs to see trends in physiological function before they manifest into pathology.

To do this, practitioners must have:

  • A way to open a new window on tissue and organ function and effects in the disease process, systemically.
    Therefore, we go from specialization to a generalist “birds-eye-view” understanding, and...
  • An ability to track patient progress sensitively.

The Alfasight simplifies both of these points, and more. 
For example, it can help you easily determine whether a variety of health issues stem from a Dental or Systemic/Organ cause. 

EXAMPLE:  Rheumatoid Patient - Find cause.

Dental - Caused Rheumatoid Disease

Single deviant teeth point to dental cause. 
Validation of Acupuncture Meridian System.

Organ - Caused Dental Projections

Liver block projecting to liver-related teeth.
Multiple Liver-related teeth point to Systemic cause.

Physiology precedes pathology.

With pathology (cellular/metabolic disease) there are always contributing, parallel systems involved to summate an overall diagnostic criteria. These multiple systemic contributing factors are easily seen by way of the AlfaSight 9000 technology.

  • A colitis may be an extension or effect of an infected tooth.
  • Cognitive disorders may be stimulated by chronic dysbiosis - often by a fungal disorder.

The AlfaSight can indirectly SEE those influences since their signals are sent through the sympathetic nerves and reflect in the dynamic changes in skin temperature within their own neurological projection zones (Head Zones were clearly mapped by the famous English neurologist Henry Head).


Finally, scientific, reproducible and neurologically-based physiological medicine at your fingertips, all NON-invasive, 20 minutes, with instantaneous reporting (6 page report).

Discuss training & purchase options with Dr. Daniel Beilin

You can clearly identify contributing factors thus aiding in strategies to obtain maximized progress towards health.

For purchase and more questions, contact:

Sales Team +1 (866) 652-6600 x2, or
Dr. Beilin +1 (866) 652-6600 x1
For International callers +1 (831) 245-0588.


Revenue-Generating: You don’t have to be there…

The AlfaSight 9000 is a clear revenue-generating workstation. You could be away on vacation while your office schedules up to 8 thermo tests per day, equivalent to around $2000+ per day, - and when you return, you have a complete reflection of the dynamics of each patient’s individualized health, thus enabling immediate strategizing or follow-on tests that are directed at the most crucial imbalances.
You don’t waste time chasing a disease to its cause over months or even years.
You KNOW IT with the FIRST 20-minute scan.

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