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What are the benefits of Alfa's Preventive Care?

Regularly scheduled visits and checks allow you and your doctor to identify any medical problems before they can become major issues. When a disease has been analyzed, further insights provide pathways toward reversal.

Patient benefits include:

Early Detection

The AlfaSight9000 can detect physiological changes up to 5 years in advance of an identifiable disease preceding cellular damage or dysfunction.

Health Monitoring

Scans are safe and can be performed as often as necessary. Your doctor can monitor treatment plans by repeatedly measuring the benefits of various healing strategies and applications.

Tissue/Terrain Analysis

Tissue chemistry and metabolism can be measured to identify the vulnerabilities to various disorders. By understanding origins and causations of disease, your doctor can provide you with prophylactic and effective care and treatment.

Your AlfaSight Scan

What to expect


Preparing for Scan

Dress in long sleeves and pants to the appointment so it will keep your body warm. Do not drink caffeine or exercise before the your appointment.

Baseline Scan

The first scan creates a "baseline" reading. The AlfaSight sensor scans 120 points on the face, neck, torso, and arms while disrobing from the waist up.

Wait 10 mins, 2nd Scan

After baseline is established, the 10 minute stress response period begins after disrobing to the underpants, while being exposed to a cooler temperature. The second scan is completed.

Review Report

After your second scan, the AlfaSight report is generated in seconds and is ready for you to review with your clinician.

Patients love the AlfaSight.
It's no wonder why.

We receive hundreds of reports from patients that have immeasurably shortened time to recovery, cut through puzzling and incorrect diagnosis, and sped up time to wellness. 

Here's what they say:

“I never knew I had issues with some of my organs. All I knew was that I had developed a skin rash and my doctor said it was my clothing detergent. The scan detected some issues with my kidneys and now I am going to see my internist to validate the problem with specific blood tests.”

Jan Z. - Palo Alto, CA

"I have been extremely fatigued, even though I am only 23 years old. I couldn’t explain why I was always exhausted. I received a thermometry scan by and they detected a pattern typical of toxic poisoning with mercury or lead. The clinic explained it could have gotten into my system by what I consume, so now we are in the process of trying to eliminate contributory factors in my diet and home.”


Its an amazing device. It found systems that could not be measured by normal laboratory findings and by treating what was revealed, my life has been restored. Thank you Alfa!."


What Alfa Practitioners Say

Discover Systemic Wellness

Proactive Healthcare

Take actions now to become a healthier you!

Preventive healthcare or prophylaxis consists of measures taken for disease prevention. Disease and disability are caused by environmental factors, genetic predispositions, dietary influences, systemic inflammation, and many lifestyle choices. Diseases take time to develop and are based on dynamic processes that begin before individuals realize they are affected, all too often too late.

The AlfaSight 9000 can give you a peek into the physiological workings of your body and see how organs and tissues are actually operating. This method's primary goal is to do a diagnostic scan to highlight issues or deviations from ideal function and health. The scan and report findings can be the first step toward preventative action and are utilized to help you stay as healthy as possible.  True health is dependent on complexities of events in the  body and not just one element.  The AlfaSight opens a new window to health by identifying patterns unrecognized by conventional methods.

Alfa Worldwide

Comprehensive. Precise. Clarifying.
Non-Invasive and Non-Toxic.
The AlfaSight 9000 is now in 23 countries with more coming online soon.