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What Alfa Patients Say

Alfa has helped patients all over the world in finding answers to puzzling & oftentimes misleading diagnosis.  Here's what they say...

quotes video 1I never knew I had issues with some of my organs. All I knew was that I had developed a skin rash and my doctor said it was my clothing detergent. The scan detected some issues with my kidneys and now I am going to see my internist to validate the problem with specific blood tests.


quote marksI have been extremely fatigued, even though I am only 23 years old. I couldn’t explain why I was always exhausted. I received a thermometry scan by and they detected a pattern typical of toxic poisoning with mercury or lead. The clinic explained it could have gotten into my system by what I consume, so now we are in the process of trying to eliminate contributory factors in my diet and home.

Byron B. - San Jose, CA

quote marksRegulation Thermometry was used along with my doctor’s infrared camera system on my breasts. The anatomy of blood vessels was analyzed with the infrared camera, but I felt strongly that the Regulation Thermometry test looks at potential causes of breast disorders and really gives me an idea of when I should keep getting my family doctor to order breast imaging when something turns up suspicious. I strongly endorse the AlfaSight (misspelled on web) 9000 for any family medicine clinic, with or without the infrared systems.

Mary D.,
Chicago, Ill.

quote marksIts an amazing device. It found systems that could not be measured by normal laboratory findings and by treating what was revealed, my life has been restored. Thank you Alfa!

Katrina B.,
Oakland CA