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Training & Support


Alfa provides comprehensive education from system set-up and point measurement training for technicians to ongoing results analysis training that includes continuing Biological and Functional medicine education for physicians.

Technician Training
  • System set-up is conducted remotely using online meeting technology and webcams and typically takes an hour. 
  • Point measurement training is also conducted remotely using online meeting technology and webcams.  This training is typically accomplished in 2, 2-hour sessions and can be repeated as required.
  • User manuals are shipped with the system and on-line video tutorials are also available.
Physician Training
  • Results analysis training for physicians is conducted via weekly case review webinars where Biological and Functional medicine principles are applied.
  • A step-by-step analysis guide, on-line video tutorials, and a video case library are also available.
Alfa Thermometry Learning Community (TLC)
  • Alfa customers have access to the Alfa Thermometry Learning Community (TLC) website for easy online access to video tutorials, video case studies, webinar recordings, marketing materials and additional education materials.

Technical Support

The AlfaSight™ 9000 operates on a highly reliable solid state Windows 7 platform installed on a rugged medical grade tablet, specifically designed for high-demand work environments.  The durable, wireless measurement probe is also highly reliable.

When technical or operational questions do arise, Alfa provides free, live technical support during business hours via the customer support line.

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