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Alfa Thermodiagnostics Learning

Welcome! Alfa Thermodiagnostics is committed to ongoing education to increase understanding of regulation physiology as the core of disease development and Regulation Thermography as a powerful tool to identify physiological dysfunction.

Clinical Application Videos

Clinical Application of Regulation Thermography with Dr. Thomas Rau

In this lecture, Dr. Rau introduces Regulation Thermometry and explains how he has been using it at his clinic for years to assist in identifying regulatory, metabolic and organ dysfunction at very early stages and to guide treatment priorities to address the causal factors of many diseases.

Clinical Application of Regulation Thermometry with Dr. Amy Derksen, ND

Derksen shares her experiences and findings using Autonomic Response Testing (a form of Kinesiology), Regulation Thermometry and laboratory testing when working with difficult patient cases.

Product Brochure & PDF's

The AlfaSight™ 9000 Product Brochure

Download: Alfa Brochure (PDF)

The AlfaSight™ 9000 Product Video

An short video introduction to the AlfaSight™ 9000 by the Alfa team and user experiences from a variety of medical professionals.

Watch an introduction to AlfaSight

Sample Patient Reports

Alfa's comprehensive text and image patient reports with clear display of physiological dysfunction and specific priorities

Download: Male Patient Report (PDF)
Download: Female Patient Report (PDF)

Articles & Scientific Literature

Download: Excerpt from 'Complementary Oncology' (Booth & Moss) (PDF)
Download: Swinburne University Study (PDF)
Download: Science Direct Article – Computer Assisted Breast Thermography (PDF)
Download: History & Science of Regulation Thermography (Dr. Beilin) (PDF)
Download: Disease & Concurrent Dental Infections (Dr. Beilin) (PDF)


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