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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Alfa different than an Infrared Camera?
Infrared cameras have been dismissed by conventional medicine due to the high amounts of false positives/negatives, misleading the public. Alfa utilizes digital recording of zones controlled by the sympathetic nerves, conveying aspects of disease to the behavior of the capillary beds within the skin. Alfa is a physiological assessment tool that projects organ and tissue information to the skin, whereas Infrared cameras receive radiations from the skin and superficial blood vessels, not necessarily reflecting organ or tissue integrity or disease. Alfa is FDA cleared by the Center for Radiological Devices, and some of the Infrared cameras on the market are not approved or cleared by FDA.
Are there CPT codes for Alfa tests?
Yes, there are. Success in billing is highly dependent on the diagnosis codes and policies of the insurance company involved. We do our best to assist you in choosing the best diagnostic code that is within our indications as outlined by FDA and predicate technologies.
Have there been studies correlating cancer & Regulation Thermometry (RT) ?
Although RT has been around for 40 years, limited studies have been performed. One study in Germany showed a 15% increase in tumor-detected environments (neoplastic conditions) with RT, and with the questionable results of mammography, the combination of RT and imaging appears to be the most accurate method to rule out false positives and negatives.
How long does it take to learn RT?
For the technician, about an hour. We do in-person or Skype training. We have units in 18 countries and many have been trained via the internet. To learn how to apply the results to the patient, we have trainings free of charge and available to view 24/7.
Why do you have to undress for the test?
It is necessary to undress to the lower underwear in order to record temperature changes in a normal temperature room with a 10 minute adjustment period, with no interference of clothing. Its best to have female patients tested by female technicians.
How many systems does RT analyze?
RT observes over 40 patterns of temperature change on specific sampled skin points that most likely correlate with disease processes.
Is the AlfaSight diagnostic, such as can it detect breast or other cancers?
No. AlfaSight provides information that often leads to the correct test such as MRI or laboratory test that determines the diagnosis. Alfa provides an adjunct to diagnosis, but a very educated and well-directed, reproducible test based on dynamic physiology and neurological connections.
Is it possible that the AlfaSight can be a revenue-generator for the clinic?
Yes, of course. Normal charges are under $400 per test, and up to 10 patients may be tested per day.
Do you need a license in order to own and operate the AlfaSight?
In the U.S., you do. If you can prescribe a test, then you can own a device. If you do not have a license, you need a licensed practitioner to umbrella and serve a supervisory role in your clinic.
What can RT detect?
The list of indications include neoplastic and inflammatory conditions, abnormal conditions of the female breast, thyroid disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and cerebrovascular disorders.
Give me an example of how RT can save lives.

CASE 1: A woman comes in who does not want a mammogram. RT says there is a suspicion, and is referred to MRI. The woman had the tumor removed and is cancer free. This has occurred thousands of times in the 40 year history of RT.

CASE 2: A man is treated with chemotherapy and radiation for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His follow-up PET scans show complete remission. RT shows there are still some suspicious inflammatory regions. The untreated cases subsequent to clear PET scans recur, and ones further treated with other modalities and monitored by RT remain resolved. Most often, we see what we need to see. 

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