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About Our Company

Alfa Thermodiagnostics is the leader in next-generation, non-invasive medical thermometry, providing solutions to physicians to discover and remediate disease using an FDA-cleared, whole-body, early-detection system. AlfaSight™, the company's flagship product, is a unique system that offers a view of a patient's whole-body health and hidden ailments. For example, AlfaSight™ can detect signs of breast cancer often years before a tumor may be seen on a mammogram. Alfa is dedicated to improving healthcare and saving lives while increasing whole-body awareness for both physicians and patients.

Dr. Daniel Beilin, founder, has been immersed in advanced medical research for several decades, first in neurosurgery and then in gastroenterology at the U.C. Davis campuses. His experience and research determined that most diagnostic procedures in radiology are far too expensive for the low percentage of accurate and useful diagnoses achieved. Dr. Beilin is known and regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities in the field of thermometry and complementary medicine. His network is supported by a worldwide team of physicians, radiologists, technologists and business leaders.

About the Technology

AlfaSight™ is the most advanced system of its kind. This patent-pending infrared scanning technology incorporates the established science of regulation thermography, which Alfa dubs regulation thermometry™, a discipline that links specific temperature patterns emanating from internal organs with a sophisticated expert knowledge base driven by mathematical algorithms. The database was developed over the span of twelve years by Dr. Beilin and 80 contributing doctors. The hardware/software system instantly delivers an accurate multi-page, whole-body assessment. AlfaSight™ is a Class I prescription medical device.

Corporate Mission

Alfa Thermodiagnostics is dedicated to improving healthcare and saving lives while reducing costs and increasing whole-body awareness for both physicians and patients.

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Cleared and Approved - FDA or equivalent- in USA, Europe, Canada, Asia.

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