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Alfa Case Studies

Determine Dental vs. Systemic Cause - Article

01 March 2020
A comparison of Infrared Thermal Imaging vs. Regulation Thermography and the technology behind each non-invasive assessment method.

Case Study: 60 Year Old Female with Possible DCIS and Viral Presence

02 September 2018
In the case of a 60 year old female with a family history of breast cancer, Alfa Thermometry was able to provide multi-dimensional data to understand the disordered physiology surrounding the breast suspicion area.

Return of a breast cancer 20 years post chemo/radiation/lumpectomy discovered by Alfa Thermometry

02 September 2018
For a patient with breast cancer in remission, Alfa Thermometry was able to detect recurrence cancer and provide accurate health data by performing multi-angled analysis of breasts and teeth.

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