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Case Review: Return of a Breast Cancer 20 years post chemo/radiation/lumpectomy, discovered by Alfa Thermometry

Case Study - SU - 2018

In most cases, breast cancer in remission over 10 years means permanent remission. This is true especially in women far past their menopausal shift (ages 65-and on).

A 63 yo woman w history of left breast cancer completed mastectomy in 1996, followed by brief chemotherapy and radiation, along with integrative care.

Yearly follow-up mammography, with periodic bone scans and laboratory findings continued to be negative for 22 years. Her visits to obtain any form of imaging or laboratory work decreased as she was further from the initial diagnosis and treatment. She neglected to obtain integrative care as the years progressed, as well.

Recently she came in for a ‘routine’ thermometry (AlfaSight) scan. Noted was increased criteria for suspicion (7/12) and a blocked spot on the right breast at 11:00 with a clear sternum point paradox (inflammatory signature). Tooth 28 (4.4 intl) was noted to be differing in temperature respective of its neighboring teeth, as this is connected through the meridian system to the right breast. Lymphatic load was also blocked 38.5%.

The patient was referred to mammography, even when the patient was averse to routine mammography due to radiation exposure. Result was positive for a small 4mm mass at 11:00 on the right breast. She simultaneously received an ultrasound showing positive for a suspicious mass at the same location.

Her physician advised observation for growth during the next 6 months. Although given the case and the patient’s predisposition to non-invasive therapies, recommended was biopsy or lumpectomy.

AlfaSight reflects the synthesis of the physiological changes due to stress See 11:00 Right breast (A) blocked response (black) with the sternum point yellow (paradox-inflammation).
Lower right teeth show speckled/gray: suspicion of infection, connected to right breast (TCM Theory).
Many women who come to see integrative doctors (as well as conventional) are averse to mammography. Alfasight, with its multi-faceted and multi-angled analysis of physiological processes within certain anatomical locations can be said to fill the window of what is missing in patient compliance as well as filling the gap of patients who are suddenly taken out of the constant monitoring of their physicians due to wrong expectations, and may provide a vital avenue of increased accuracy, low cost methods of monitoring women’s health.

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