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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the age range of patients to be tested?
Ages 4 through 100+, but young children need to maintain some amount of stillness during the cool down period.
What effects do hip, weight & height have on the thermogram?
Additional information such as hip, wight and height have no influcence on the outcome of the test.
What happens when woman patient has a 'hot flash' or becomes faint during testing?
A 'hot flash' will result in an overcooling of most of the points of the body and need to be retested on another day, or after one to two hours of return to the waiting room. (clothed)
If there are breast implants or a mastectomy, does this alter the validity in those regions?
No, there is no difference in assesment of an implanted breast since the vasculature is completely intact and still is affected in the same way a normal breast. In a mastectomized breast, one can predict tendencies for future neoplastic conditions and because of this, it is a good idea to test the mastectomized breast points in the same locations as on a healthy breast.
Is it possible to run only a dental exam?
It is not possible to run a dental exam without disrobing the patient, since it is necessary to provoke stress by exposure to cool air in order to see dynamic physiology in the jaw.
Can we 'skip' points of they fail to read properly, and if so, to what effect?
Points can be skipped without effects on the thermogram except for the points representing organ systems that would otherwise yield a valid result.
Is it possible to do breast analysis for men?
Since there is little data avalible from past studies of men's breast health, there no way to accurately asses the male breast at this time.

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