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Regulation Thermography vs. Regulation Thermometry

In many contexts, regulation “thermography” and regulation “thermometry” may seem like interchangeable words with similar definitions. However, they are distinct in their meanings and usage! Let’s go over what they mean and how they can help us to understand organ health and improve lives.

Regulation Thermography
Regulation Thermography originated in Germany by two physicians, Rost and Schwamm, and consists of measuring skin temperatures on over 100 points and then exposing the skin to a normal room temperature, and taking a second measurement after a 10-minute stabilization period. Neurological connections from skin to spinal cord to organ and back to skin can reflect patterns that lead to diagnostic directives, potentially saving time and money in useless future tests frequently performed in conventional medicine. It serves as a guideline as well as a baseline for most illnesses and especially those of unknown origin.

Regulation Thermometry
Regulation thermometry is a ‘coined’ term and title that names the use of mathematical algorithms and pattern recognition to take the Regulation Thermography point values and assign them categories that can aid in the adjunct diagnoses of several disorders. These patterns were gathered by large groups of physicians and with over 60,000 patient evaluations with corresponding conventional diagnostics (blood tests, radiology, and pathology reports).

How Alfa’s mathematical analysis can help YOU!
Alfa Thermodiagnostics utilizes regulation thermography in conjunction with artificial intelligence (thermometry) to provide patients with functional diagnostics of local inflammations or dysfunctions as well as providing a bird’s-eye whole-body analysis. Scanning skin temperatures and then performing analyses by thermometry’s pattern recognition algorithms gives patients the holistic health data they frequently need without causing them harm or pain (as in say mammography).

Receiving a health test using the AlfaSight 9000 is quick and easy 20-minute procedure. Your local Alfa diagnostics physician will then analyze your results and discuss ways you can improve your health, sometimes heading-off disorders before they become irreversible.