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quotes video 1Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD. comments on the AlfaSight during the prestigious Medicine Week in Baden-Baden. 

quote marksRegulation Thermometry allows me to identify and address underlying factors that play a role in women’s health, - especially breast health. This technology observes organ physiology dynamically and enables us to accurately address and target priority systems. We can then see our therapeutic results, so both patient and physician have access to the efficacy of their treatment choices. The benefits of Regulation Thermometry are spread through word of mouth and the technology has proven itself to provide a calling to those who would like both preventive and highly effective strategies to health.” 

quotes video 1Greta D’Amico, N.D. and Sandro D’Amico, N.D., explain the clear benefits of Alfa’s technological revelations after 2 years working with patient diagnostics and monitoring.

quotes video 1Dr. Thomas Rau shares his thoughts on the benefits of Alfa at Medicine Week in Baden-Baden.

quote marksRegulation Thermometry integrates and deepens the understanding I achieve when I use my Infrared Camera system on the breast. I can see distant influences and focal infections that can’t be seen by any other method. I strongly endorse the AlfaSIght 9000 for any clinic, using with or without infrared camera systems.”

quotes video 1Dr Kaisa Lopes L.Ac. Ph..D. describe her experience using the AlfaSight with Dr. Beilin.

quote marksIts an amazing device. It clearly discloses underlying relationships between organs and tissues and leads to more effective therapy. Strategies. Its one the the best investments I have ever made.”

Dr. Michael Chen, MD Surgeon, Practitioner

quotes video 1Dr. Joe Mercola introduces Dr. Beilin and shares his thoughts on the AlfaSight at the Integrative Medicine Conference, Orlando, 2018

Dr. Joe Mercola

quote marksI am a Nuclear Medicine Physician and Radiologist and have been utilizing the technology for adjunct diagnostics called Regulation Thermography. Dr. Dan Beilin had introduced me to the technology over ten years ago and I have compared its capabilities and found RT to be complementary with giving as much information about certain diagnostic criteria as other devices I use such as CT and MRI, as well as X-Ray, besides functional imaging in nuclear medicine.

Dr. Belin’s expertise in this field is paramount to my facilitation, understanding and use of the device. He has organized and sponsored educational symposia for RT for several years. I have also brought this device to a number of my colleagues who are equally supportive as to its great value to properly evaluate the first factors leading to several illnesses as well as parallel problems which may contribute to known disease manifestations.

I am glad to be on the Advisory Board to Alfa and to work in alliance with Dr. Beilin on advancing such technologies for the future.”

David Hickey, M.D., Nuclear Medicine Physician
McKinney, Texas, USA

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