Probe stopped working?
STEP 1: Make sure the green light is flashing during charging, and after removing the charge cable, that the green light remains 'on'.
STEP 2: After connecting charge the cable for 5 seconds, remove charge cable and click "Reconnect Probe' on the tablet desktop.
If problem continues, call Alfa Support. (866) 652-6600 Ext. 4
Can't access AlfaVue Server to upload Patient data?
STEP 1: Make sure you're connected to the Internet.
STEP 2: In your Web Browser, make sure the URL field is assigned as
STEP 3: Make sure you are typing in the correct User Name & Password in the login fields.
How do I clean the Alfa Probe?
A Q-Tip dipped in dilute baby soap or alcohol may be used on the plastic parts, making sure no liquid seeps into the pin assembly.
After test is completed, it is important to clean the probe, specially if it has touched any form of open sore or lesion on the Patient.
If the test point has a scar, what do I do?
Test as close as possible to the measurement point itself, avoiding the scar. (If you test directly on a scar, it will show as an artifact or blocked point.
How should the AlfaSight device and Alfa Probe be stored overnight?
It is best to leave the system in 'Sleep' mode as long as the Probe is connected and remains charging. If the Probe is left without charging overnight, it may take 30 to 40 minutes charge time for Patients scheduled the next day.

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