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Healthcare professionals are encouraged to learn more about Alfa's state-of-the-art adjunct diagnostic solution for whole-body screening and early detection of disease. This non-invasive test provides a physiological assessment of the neurologically controlled terrains that often create or sustain disease environments. As an adjunct technology to mammography and other anatomical imaging devices, it can dramatically improve the accuracy of routine screening for a wide range of impaired health conditions.

For oncology/gynecology

Alfa provides instantaneous reports to the physician, pointing to specific and appropriate test recommendations, saving money on overused and non-revelatory, cost-prohibitive procedures.

For family medicine

Alfa provides customized reports summarizing potential and existing medical disorders that often lead to more appropriate follow-up treatments.

For integrative and preventive medicine

Alfa furnishes suggestions for specific nutritional supplementation as well as patient progress documentation that translates into increased patient compliance and improved outcomes.

Video, Sample Reports & Science Articles

Video, Sample Reports & Science Articles

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