Regulation Thermometry allows me to find and address the underlying issues that play a role in breast health. The system looks at all the organ systems and tells us what is going on so we can better target therapies. We’re then able to see therapy results and show patients this on the thermometry report. The benefits of Regulation Thermometry travel quickly by word of mouth and has helped to bring many new patients into the practice.”

Dr. Dawna Jones, MD

"Regulation Thermometry is perfect for breast health screening. It reports on multiple whole-body factors that contribute to breast health. I use Digital Thermal Imaging to see inflammation and lymphatic congestion in the abdominal area. Then using Regulation Thermometry we get more information to really validate the inflammation.”

Dr. Karin Nielsen, ND Certified Clinical Thermographer

"It's really a very amazing device. It discloses the underlying relationships in the body and leads to much more meaningful therapy for patients. It's the one of best investments that I have ever made.”

Dr. Michael Chen, MD Surgeon, Practitioner – Taiwan

"My name is Dr. Petra Blum from Germany and I am interested in purchasing your new thermography system for my medical clinic. I have numerous colleagues as well as myself who have used predicate and dated devices and we need something with greater accuracy which incorporates instantaneous reports to decrease the level of training required. We see approximately 30 patients per week and would utilize this technology on every patient on their initial visit as well as follow-up visits to document progress and effectiveness of our protocols. Thank you very much and please let me know when the device is ready for shipment to my clinic.”
Dr. med. Petra Blum

"I am a Nuclear Medicine Physician and Radiologist and have been utilizing the technology for adjunct diagnostics called Regulation Thermography. Dr. Dan Beilin had introduced me to the technology over ten years ago and I have compared its capabilities and found RT to be complementary with giving as much information about certain diagnostic criteria as other devices I use such as CT and MRI, as well as X-Ray, besides functional imaging in nuclear medicine. Dr. Belin’s expertise in this field is paramount to my facilitation, understanding and use of the device. He has organized and sponsored educational symposia for RT for several years. I have also brought this device to a number of my colleagues who are equally supportive as to its great value to properly evaluate the first factors leading to several illnesses as well as parallel problems which may contribute to known disease manifestations. I am glad to be on the Advisory Board to Alfa and to work in alliance with Dr. Beilin on advancing such technologies for the future.”
Dr. David Hickey, MD Nuclear Radiology, McKinney, TX

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